Nessly Is Fully “Energized” With Coca Vango Over Wondagurl Production


Nessly and Coca Vango are back for one night on “Energized.”


Nessly has been letting his Wildflower project sit with fans for most of this year. The young rapper has been gaining traction and he returns to the game with one of today’s better producers. Alongside Coca Vango, Nessly is back for one night and he’s feeling “Energized,” which you can tell from this track. The song brings more of an experimental vibe then we’re used to from Nessly, packing a lot of punch to the instruments with heavy distortion.The track brings some more of the artist’s braggadocious style as he sings about his preference in women, what he likes to do with them and how he has a tour guide in his home because it’s too big to navigate. All in all, a pretty good offering from Nessly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Download ENERGIZED ! (ft Coca Vango) prod Wondagurl

Quotable Lyrics:

Whip, whip ’til we run out of supplies
We got chickens and we making pot pies
Backstreet Boy, I like all my girls bi, bi bi
15,000 got her booty modified


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