Phony Ppl Preview New Album “mō’zā-ik” With “Way Too Far {LEAK} ZIP

Phony Ppl are readying their newest project.

After rolling through to drop off their “Before You Get A Boyfriend,” video, Phony Ppl have now dropped off their latest in the form of ‘Way Too Far.”The new track comes attached to good news for tried and true fans who have been blasting Yesterday’s Tomorrow on shuffle and repeat for the last three years as “Way Too Far” serves as the first single to spawn of Phony Ppl’s upcoming mō’zā-ik album.“this sonG captures that eureka moment,” singer Elbee Thrie writes of the new track and project. “and realizinG that you’ve been goinG way over the top for a while now just to make sure somebody else remains content andsustaininG that feelinG for them is draininG the life out of you. you may not know what it is yet, but somethinG’s definitely Gotta chanGe.

mō’zā-ik arrives on October 19th via 300 Entertainment. Until then, get acquainted with “Way Too Far.”

Download: Phony Ppl Preview New Album “mō’zā-ik” With “Way Too Far”

Quotable Lyrics:

Cause my walk and my talk been different
My style and my thoughts been different
I got you but it’s me I’m missing
You’ll agree, I get it

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